Discipline will help us build a godly lifestyle that will draw His grace to our lives, thrugh which we will inherit our spiritual position
(2 Timothy 3).
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Friday, May 1, 2009


When you feel slack to take your prayer time , thus the mean time , the very right time that you must take time to pray. Force your self to pray.
Never ever let enemy slip into your life, give you a tepid in your spirit, give you unwillingness to responsible about taking care relationship with God. 
Never ever let enemy slip into you make you careless, inattentive with HIS will and make you become easy to be attack by enemy (devil and evil). 
The truth is just because we pray, we protect all of our aspects of life. More we pray in right way, more closer we are to fulfill His great plans in us. 
Pray in right way would make something happened. If nothing happened, it seems like something wrong with how we pray, or maybe we have prayed but not according to His will.
Pray in right way would change your life. For HE can guarantee 100%.


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