Discipline will help us build a godly lifestyle that will draw His grace to our lives, thrugh which we will inherit our spiritual position
(2 Timothy 3).
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Have you ever......

when you relax at home, have you ever think just across in your mind to do something for your beloved people? That is God is speaking to you thru His Holy Spirit.

when you feel so sad, dissapointed by something, but there is no people you can share with. Does it ever happened to you? That is, God wants you speak with Him only. He is the One you can share with, and gives you great answers.

when you are thinking someone you know, but long time not see, and somehow, you meet him/her or receive a phone call from them. That is God's power. In Him there is no coincidental.

Have you ever receive something you didnt expect ,something you thought you can not afford for it ? That is, God knows everything inside your heart.

Have you ever been in dilemma situation, dont know how to pass through it, thinking blank for solution, how to cure the wound.. ? That is when God want you depend only on Him. You will found brighter day after that, you will found many lessons from that situations that take you to next level of your mature life.


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